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    First of all, she took a lot of TNT and detonators from the new Fourth Army, added some electronics, and built a remote-controlled bomb... This is what illiterate people in Afghanistan and Iraq it can be done. Excellent masters in mathematics are even more handy. After finishing, she asked Loi Chien to bring a large wild boar down from the mountain, stuff the bomb into the wild boar's belly and then take it to the city to sell. As expected, the wild boar was captured by the Japanese army, and then... no more, just as more than twenty Japanese soldiers were drooling around the huge wild boar, competing to draw their knives. forest to cut meat and hide. In the darkness Xue Xiaomei pressed the detonation button, people and pigs were blown into pieces, killing on the spot 13 Japanese soldiers, 8 seriously injured, almost completely destroying the strength of a stronghold.

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